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The Procedure Behind A Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme

FMCS is a programme in which a foreign manufacturer is issued a BIS licence in compliance with the BIS Act of 2016 and the Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) Regulations of 2018. The licence is given to products that meet the appropriate Indian Standards. The Standards may be certified either formally or informally. FMSC consultants for BIS certification help simplify the process for you; here's how:

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At the first stage, after the application is submitted, the BIS authority will review it and, if any questions arise, they will be communicated to the applicant. Once the questions are answered, the application needs to be determined to be complete in every way, it will be registered, and the applicant will be given an acknowledgment number for future reference.

  • After consulting with the applicant, the 

BIS Consultants in India will schedule a visit to the applicant's premises in the second stage. At the time of the agent's visit to the factory, the officer will verify the manufacturing process and test samples and collect samples for testing with an independent laboratory.

  • The applicant must pay the visit and testing fees to the appropriate authority at the third stage, after which the application will be processed further. After a satisfactory report from the officer and a test report from an independent laboratory, the Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme will be awarded.
  • The applicant must pay the licence and parking cost according to the products’ IS at the fourth stage. The applicant and the BIS sign an agreement regarding the license's compliance and terms and conditions. It covers the licensee's rights and responsibilities, as well as termination, indemnity, performance bank guarantee, and licence cancellation. Before the licence can be granted, the applicant must pay fees.

At the last stage, the licence will be issued once all parking fees have been paid, and it will be good for one year, with the option to renew for another one or two years.